Battery Recycling

Recycled Car BatteriesCar batteries are extremely hazardous to the environment, and when not recycled correcting the results can be disastrous.

Most people are familiar with the presence of sulfuric acid. When recycled correctly the acid can actually be cleaned and reused in a new battery or other useful products, keeping that acid out of landfills and reducing the production of this harmful material.

Lead is another compound found in batteries that can be salvaged and reused. The average battery contains up to 21 pounds of lead.

Plastic is also used and recycled from the battery although it is not typically used in a battery again.


Auto Repairs at PG Auto Wrecking

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PG Auto Wrecking has licensed Mechanics!Prince George Auto Wrecking is more than just parts! We offer you a large 4-hoist service area with Licensed Mechanics to help you with your Auto Repair problems.

Our Licensed Mechanics are here to get you back on the road, quickly and affordably. We offer a full service repair facility, and can look after all of your service needs.

We are also a designated inspection facility                                                   for all of your provincial inspection needs.

PG Auto Wrecking specializes in engine,                                         transmission, transfer case, front and                                           Have our Mechanics do the Dirty Work               rear end replacement and repair.

Have our mechanics do the "dirty work" to ensure your repair work is done correctly, saving you time AND money.

For professional, guaranteed results, be sure to call Prince George Auto Wrecking for your next Auto Service Repair.